Preventative Care
Pain Therapy

                                                                                          Care for your team

Connected Environment at home, at work,  anywhere in your life, enhances your relationships, your feeling of ease and your personal/organizational effectiveness.  Both our private clients and organizational clients enjoy our small group classes learning happy, healthy and creative wellness skills.  These skills create a positive ecosystem for our community, and a ripple effect throughout the office, the organization and the extended family.   The flexbility and confidence you gain  help you weather daily storms, relax into your normal stress triggers.   The classes we teach include:

- Qi Gong that brings strength and softness to the mind and the body.

- Building immune system through food and natural remedy in the world with COVID.

- Self guided Sotai and body exercise to regain mind body balance.

- Acu Pressure to relieve tension and stress.

- Seasonal lifestyle adjustment to cope with the enviroment.

- Beath and tapping technic to put you at ease.

- Building daily routines to thrive in oppressive environment

Women's Health

Sports Medicine

Family Care

Our work is to facilitate the patient's own ability to heal his/her own imbalance, cultivate a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit in order to enjoy life to its fullest.  We use multiple modalities and pick a relevant method to each patient, including many needle-free options.  The goal of the treatment is:

*Support the natural and vital flow of energy around the whole person and the person's social and natural environment.

*Use needles, herb, moxa, nutitional advice to teach patients to take care of themselves.

*Help the patients establish a sustaining practice of health.​

​Balance is not just a local phenomenon, it has to take into consideration of the whole person, the body, the mind and the spirit.